Monday, March 23, 2009

A team of captains

With this novel idea from the coach, I would like to know 2 things

who is going to keep warne waiting for the toss?
which "captain" is ultimately going to take responsibility for a loss?

So how do you think that idea is going to play out? Don't you need one person in-charge on the field regardless of who helps him?

"Equally, it’s possible that the captaincy could be rotated during the period that the team is on the field"

Powerplay captain: Opposite team 24 for 3, -- great start
Under 10 overs captain: who manages to use up their death bowlers and allow the opponent to get to 100 for 4.
10-15 overs captain: reins it in little bit and it is 130 for 5.
Death overs captain: finds that there are only part-timers remaining and the final score is 210 for 5....

How will this work?


Anonymous said...

Interesting.... but the saying goes... too many cooks spoil the course

Viswanathan said...

It is as stupid as it comes.:)

Anonymous said...

Scorpi: ottayan: Unfortunately, I think it is just a way to ease out Ganguly from captaincy.