Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter sports

Winter sports to a Chennai gal like me is very alien, after all winter itself is a scary thought. The only time you dust off a decade old sweater is when you travel to places that are colder than 30 degrees celsius. When I see folks who jump off slopes in skis and fly in the air before landing, I have a great sense of awe. Actually, the jumping and flying sounds exciting, it is the landing that worries me.

When I came across this report that an Indian won a bronze in Luge Asian games, I was impressed. For the uninitiated, Luge is racing on a sled (face up-feet first) on a track (to me it looks like a long winding slide). This is not a sport for me, but an Indian doing well in winter sports I think, is even more unusual than winning an Olympic gold, so well done Kesavan.

Would you ski-jump or go on a luge?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A searching world

I periodically like to look back on search terms and phrases that lead people to this blog and I am constantly amazed and very often amused.

So to begin with I apologize to all the people who landed on this blog looking for f1 pit stop jobs. I had no idea that people would find this page when they are looking for jobs. FYI, the McLaren website has information on what their pit crew does, but so far I have not been able to find how one can get in!

To those who searched for combinations of Yuvraj, his mother, food and vegetarian, I am guessing you have decided the way to his heart is through his mother and food, but perhaps you need to add a touch of glamour as well.

To the one person who searched for glory in others misfortune, why the sadism?

To the person who wondered "whether I am ambidextrous", I don't know, but you would be better off trying some other means to find out rather than searching the web. Similarly to the person who asks "how sporty am I", I don't know who you are, but if you have to search the internet, I am guessing not very.

To those who landed on my page searching for branded sports racquets in Bangalore or sporty watches, that is simply search going wrong.

And lastly, to whoever searched for this "good looking guy+indian contingent to olympics" I hope you found who you were looking for.

Happy new year!