Sunday, September 27, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall

Not to single out bhajji for yesterday's performance (as the blame can be shared liberally), but came across an interview which taken out of context, resonates with the performance in the match yesterday.

"Main sochta nahin hoon" - :)

"How many bowlers send down six different deliveries in each over?"
duh, the object is not to bowl as many different deliveries, the object is to take as many wickets as possible. Heck, I think I can bowl six different deliveries an over, just not near the stumps.

"It’s sad that I hardly get to see spinners who can turn the ball on any surface." Sadly, neither do we...

They’re happy just rolling their arm over... They should, instead, express themselves and bowl the deliveries they can really be good at... "

talking about someone else....?

Read the rest of the interview, for a chuckle or two...