Thursday, May 14, 2009

Astro tips

There is one team that needs the most help this year - KKR (what with the allegations of racism, match-fixing investigation, multiple captain-coach theory for a solitary D/L win etc.) So pooling my knowledge (albeit non-existent) of numerology, palmistry (predicting by reading my palm for KKR -- a novel concept that should go well with the team with many theories), factoring in saturn in the horoscope, I have some recommendations for KKR.

Switch the gold and black around, so that it is predominantly gold with black on one shoulder and one sleeve (black for "nazar" effect). This will tend to blind opponents as well.

Douse out the fire on the helmet? Bat on fire I can perhaps understand, but helmet on fire? Can't be good feng-shui. seriously what does it mean?

Change the brooding SRK image on the website with the helmet on fire (just because...)

Instead of covering up the numbers on the back of jerseys with ugly tape, go to the reebok store and buy some plain ones. Note that even if you cover it up, the number is still there close to your back working its evil magic.

KKR has too few words to leverage the 'K' concept of Balaji telefilms. So add a few words. Kyunki KKR be ...

Official statement from KKR on racism?

Thus far I have seen no official comment (from the CEO or owners of KKR) on the racism charge. This is a serious charge and "no comment" answer from the team management should not be accepted. It is not enough for Buchanan to respond, it is important for the CEO or owner to make a statement, as it otherwise sets a poor precedent.

Whoever is subjected to discrimination, as owners and as a business KKR has to handle it (trying to wish it away really speaks poorly of them). If the allegation is false, then the accused do need a statement strongly in their favor, because once you are charged with something like this, it never goes away.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The baffling approach of KKR

As KKR loses yet another match, it is hard to pin-point a single flaw in their approach, as everything seems broken. The most surprising has been their auction strategy. While the KP and Freddie buys have gotten a fair share of criticism, the teams atleast had an idea, went for it and implemented it.

KKR, on the other hand, bid for Murtaza as if he was Schumacher or V. Anand of cricket. One thought it was a business decision to capture the Bangla fanbase. However, they then drop the name Kolkatta from their logo (not sure about the reasoning though rumours were rife about a possible move). Having paid for Murtaza more than what Ponting or Hayden received, 10 matches into the tournament, he has not yet gotten a chance. The reasoning behind this is lost on me. It is not like there is a winning combination that cannot be disrupted. Perhaps some day there will be a book explaining all of this.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Endearing Sreesanth

Sree, let me dispel any false notions. God's gift to women, you are not.

PS: your only girlfriend (cricket) who happens to be a good friend of mine, mentioned that she was not pleased with you either for getting hammered for 3 sixes by Hayden and general bowling at the death. That relationship is in jeopardy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time outs

Modi may change the timeout method for the semis and finals.

- Teams are finally getting used to 7.5 mins "strategy break", and there is a thought of switching it for this year's finale? If it is not for commercial reasons (as no one is watching the IPL during the break), why would they consider switching it at the end of the tournament.

- If common sense prevails, a new rule will not tested in the semis and finals.

- Lastly 2.5 mins of ads is still enough of a incentive to watch/do something else. Wonder if the advertisers will buy into this concept.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yuki Bhambri wins another title

Have been reading on and off about this young tennis player. Appears to be performing consistently well. Well done Yuki! He has also won the Australian open junior title. BTW, does anyone know if he was brought up in India or abroad?

New plot

Chris Gayle has been granted permission to stay an extra day or two in the IPL before he flies to join his team which he captains.

Incidentally, this was quoted on the official website (from McCullum's interview). "On his conversation with the umpires before the start of the 19th over: One of the guys (Graham Napier) had a flight to catch. They were asking if they can take him off and get another player out there. Obviously they needed our approval or they would have to field out there with 10 players. Once we found out the reason was, we said he could go and they could bring a replacement."

Should you be allowed to play a man who has to leave before a match ends. What would have happened if he had been batting?

Back to Chris Gayle and in true bollywood fashion with the idea from Stanford, here is a storyline.

The stadium is packed, but no sign of the captain. Anxious friends, fans and family pray fervently. Then he is sighted, in a helicopter, padded and with a bat in hand and a suitcase full of IPL earnings. Everyone applauds, but the helicopter can't land as the players are already in the field -- more anxious moments. But he does a Akki like stunt from the helicopter, leaps to the crease, and hits the first ball for six...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ganguly bowled by a duck

"... Ganguly bowled by a duck" heard in the news yesterday -- (I believe on cnn-ibn).

Given KKR's struggles, anything is possible...?