Monday, March 23, 2009

Exhausting for players?

I am okay with the elections getting priority and the IPL being scheduled around it, truncated or even shifted to another country (my preference would have been a truncated IPL) .

However with the shifting of the IPL, I am surprised that the latter half of the IPL could not be held in India? Why can't the last couple of weeks be held here with each team getting atleast 2 home matches?

Modi's reason is that the players will be exhausted. It is puzzling that the NZ series finishes on 7th and IPL starts on 10th does not cause exhaustion but a 10 day gap between the IPL final and T20 world cup is not enough to overcome any exhaustion caused by an additional trip back to India? Do you buy that line or is there more than meets the eye?


straight point said...

modi never claimed to be 'intellect' don't take him seriously... :)

having said that i think rebuffed by govt they now want to show that they can organise IPL anywhere they want to...

RS said...

:( he also rushes to say things before they should be said.

Viswanathan said...


Both of you are correct. He is trying to pressurize the government. He is also ensuring that the next time the election is never announced
during April May.:)

Anonymous said...

Cheap ego pacification... nothing more... rest be assured that they are going to be bitten and burnt.

Anonymous said...

ott: I think that already backfired :)

scorpi: I think their (IPL) press conferences and statements irritate me so much now.