Friday, March 27, 2009

Closer F1?

The F1 season kicks off this weekend and it is suggested that the cost cutting of about 30% and new rules could make F1 more competitive. I would love for that to happen as it is tiring for it to be McLaren vs Ferrari with Renault thrown in. The other teams have just been completing the grid.

Hamilton downplays their chances and hits Warne for a few sixes. Mallya wants a point from Force India

BTW on an unrelated note and sport, Saina enters QF -- if you are Hyderabad, do try to watch her live.


Anonymous said...

Have not watched a single race since schumi left the scene! Even during the fag days of Schumi supremacy, I found F1 boring, primarily due to poor competition in engineering.

But I get to see something better... motoGP. You ought to watch it... the races are always close and there is no real disparity in the different brand bikes as such and all bottles down to the rider's skill.

MotoGP rocks!

Anonymous said...

I do watch MotoGP esp Rossi at times :) can't watch the 125cc, 250cc and then the 500cc -- too much!

Absolutely true F1 is too much about the cars and very little of racing, but still interesting.

scorpicity said...

You watch motoGP... now that is the real thing... not many of my Friends who are into f1 get to understand (bang head).

Actually RS, the most competitive and totally exciting races are in the lesser cc categories... statistically and Tv visually boring but in reality, the most exciting race one can watch live.

F1 in my opinion is today totally over-rated and is not spectator friendly except for the hyperbole.

With the new season and a lot more teams coming in, it might be interesting. However, the word outside everywhere is all these manufacturers are in pretty good time closing shop with respect to F1 as the value to actual cost comparison is at ridiculous losses, specifically because the value is increasingly moving towards economical hybrid cars. It is a matter of 2 years when angel investors for these events literally fly away.

A friend of mine narrated a true story of a passionate F1 racing fan and also a rich businessman that managed in his enthusiasm to do his bit of contribution... And that contribution was in the form of sponsoring a simple bolt for the less glamorous formula leagues (don't remember the exact name)... The point is that a lowly considered bolt in regular car ownership actually cost millions of dollars for a season and boy is that man proud!

Well... for many like some of us, it is hard to digest.

RS said...

Before I started watching F1, I used to watch MotoGP -- then I quit watching both for some time and now watch more F1 than MotoGP :) F1 already has issues with Honda pulling out last year etc. Also F1 has to do with the yatches and famous people walking down the starting grid :) With team orders, circuits where the pit strategy wins you races, domination of teams, it has lost a lot of sparkle.