Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The IPL will start on Apr 10 Apr 18 -- * Compromise *
The English players will be available for less than 2 weeks -- * Compromise *
Huge losses in hosting it outside India -- * Compromise *
No home/away concept -- * Compromise *
Significant crowds unlikely for weekday matches -- * Compromise *
Double headers on many days meaning poorer TV ratings for early matches -- * Compromise *
Only SA, NZ and SL will participate for any length of time -- *Compromise*
Perhaps the entire squad will not be able to travel -- and once again fringe Indian players may not get to experience IPL which was supposed to be one of the altruistic goals of the IPL.

-- If so many compromises could be made, wouldn't a truncated schedule have caused lesser disruption (and perhaps lesser financial loss overall) -- It surely would have been better than this?

What is puzzling is that franchises don't appear to be asking tough questions of the IPL organizers. This leads one to wonder whether things were thought through or they expected to muscle their way through obstacles.


Anonymous said...

If the entire set of fringe players are not going to be flown in, then this whole thing is a complete farce and I will give it a boot.

It was bad enough last year that some of the Kolkatta Knight rider's fringes was asked to vacate their hotel's and stay in their houses till a call comes.

My eye is on this franchise in particular... business seems to be the only motive.

Excellent post RS... you are razor sharp these days :)

rs said...

thanks scorpi :)

I think CSK were mentioning a squad of 18 or so and if you exclude the 10 international players and 5-6 Indian players who have played for India some time or another, that means perhaps 2 or 3 will get to travel.

I only wish the cut the nonsense about it being a great experience for Indian players and state that it is a business.

Lastly about giving a miss, there isn't much too much between 8.00 and 10.00 on TV --- so I think I will watch it with half an eye on the elections but perhaps not as much into it as I was last year.