Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two medal prospects out

Mangal Singh Champia and Saina Nehwal are both out of the Beijing Olympics. Saina had the match under her control in the third game/set and let it slip away. Champia also lost by one point in the round of 16!

So an additional medal chance rests with boxing, tennis and a couple of shooting events. However in our flawed reward policy, I hope India can find a way to honour all these athletes, they all did well and I have a feeling that India may have just turned the corner.

DD Bloopers for today:

Commentary from Saina's match: (loosely translated).

Excellent shot, but out. -
Saina/Sania confusion -
With this excellent shot, India has won.... a point. :)

Yours truly checked out Champia's schedule and decided to watch it. In fact, DD themselves mentioned that he was on at 9.45am. So what do you expect when you turn on the TV at 9.45am, highlights from yesterday. You check the web and find he has cleared the round of 32 and the round of 16 is on. At 10.00am you check again, and they talk non-stop about Phelps and give updates after updates (more on that). Check the web and find Champia has lost by a solitary point and no live coverage.

Maruti Suzuki Updates:
A summary, with the results just been given to us but it is followed by 4 consecutive updates one follwoed by another. Each update is preceded and followed by "Maruti Suzuki" with no clips - only talking :)


Anonymous said...

I voice your opinions :)

Woke up at 7:30 missed my early morning jog and waited in anticipation as DD Sports showed aired the match live.

About the Game - Mouth-watering contest ! The first sit was an absolute cracker. Terrific fight by Saina she will learn as she progresses and gains experience. Its just the start and what an entry indeed.

About DD Sports -

a.) The commentator looked like Jasdev Singh who commentates during republic day. Lots of goofups some big, some small !

I couldn't understand why DD lost pictures during the live telecast? was it bcoz Saina was loosing?

DD has this uncanny habit of airing commercials during critical junctures of a game.

About Archery
Couldn't understand why they said that it would come in 45 minutes.

Nevertheless lapse of concentration did him in..

I waited and waited but in vain and then finally like u said he talked about it in the Phelps'' Olympic updates.

They say DD doesn't get ad-sponsors but look at their attitude and focus. It is just not there!

RS said...

@daksh - yes, Saina was really good (she seems focussed).

And with DD, it is so frustrating, especially when we are trying so hard to follow Indian athletes. The list on DD is endless. They could have made so much on ads, because lots of people I know are interested and are watching the games. oh well...

Unknown said...

more on the DD goof up.....after missing to telecast Champia's bit, thought they would atleast get it right with the tennis action.lo again, the match is currently on, but they ended up showing some wightlifting action (at least that was a finals).....followed by some soccer....anyways the Indian duo is up by 1 set to none and 4 games to 2

RS said...

@brinda - I am now giving up on DD :) I could not make the time to watch the duo, so caught the score on the web (they won - but now play Federer & co). Now glanced at the TV - some odd soccer match is still going on!

Unknown said...

Lets wish them luck against the Swiss pair (I guess that will be decided after they play the Russian pair) - It would be so much easier if all this info is on DD instead of us having to look up for everything on the web.....Hope they atleast bring that QF match Live!!!

a fan said...

Yes, it was quite disappointing to see Saina lose the match. I am sure she'll be a fierce contender in next olympics...she is only 18 and probably has very little international exposure.

I think there is some good medal scope in boxing as well.

Anil Singh said...

And in the Saina match, when the score card read 14-20 final set and her opponent had six match points in a row. The commentator said, it is not all over yet for Saina. Quite innovative and optimistic sentiment :)

RS said...

brinda: I am not depending on it :)
afan: I am watching boxing as well !
abisht: there were too many to count :)