Wednesday, August 6, 2008

India Olympics: Boxing

I never thought I would do this post! My interest in boxing is zilch. Besides being aware of "The Greatest" and figuring out if Mike Tyson has bitten any more ears, I don't follow it at all. Come to think of it, maybe a Tyson - Harbajjan contest will be good.. - (bite or slap)?

But here the the pugilists for India at the 2008 Olympics, who could come up with a medal or two (they came very close in the last Olympics). Interestingly 4 out of the five some from Bhiwani, a backwater district of Haryana.

  • Jitender Kumar: Flyweight :This 20 year old is a bronze medalist at the Commonwealth games. And there is another Jitender Kumar, so I have no idea if I am reading the article about the right person.
  • Akhil Kumar: Bantamweight: Supported by the Mittal trust, Akhil hails from Bhiwani and was named the best boxer in Asian Olympic Qualifiers in 2008. Considered one of India's good chances of a medal, this gold medalist in the commonwealth games, is a 27 year old boxer who lost in the first round at 2004 Oympics. Expecting a better showing from this athlete.
  • Anthresh Lalit Lakra: Featherweight: He qualified for the Olympics when he reached the quaterfinals of the world championships last year. Have not been able to find his personal profile as yet.
  • Vijender: Middleweight:Vijender is a 23 year old boxer from Bhiwani again. A former Olympian (2004) who lost early, he has a bronze in the Asian games and is a silver medalist in the Commonwealth games
For the other Indian Olympians, I am sorry, but I don't have more time to write your profiles.

Here is a wikipedia link, if anyone out there wants to know more about the contingent.

Also here is the official IOC YouTube link.

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