Monday, August 11, 2008

Mittal helps create history

Interestingly Abhinav Bindra, Saina Naiwal, Mangal Singh Champia are all supported in part by Lakshmi Mittal's trust. So while India goes into an overdrive over the gold medalist, it is important to note that many of those doing well for India have had some much needed additional support. Tata does many things as well (like the academies for archery, the tata-padukone academy etc.)

But where are you, the Ambanis?
where are you Mallya?
where are you DLF?
where are you Sahara?

All of you who played an active role in cricket and IPL, which is very lucrative for you. But why do you not consider supporting other sports? It might just make a difference.

Preeti asks the same question in a comment on a earlier post.


straight point said...

he surely know where to put his money :)

as for the listed ones...the make themselves laughing stock when they say...'we are in for sports development' for them sports spellint starts from c and ends with t...(cricket)

RS said...

sp, bcci has announced a cash award and corpus fund and "had" plans to support him. I think they have misplaced priorities - honoring an athlete after a performance is terrific, but identifying and supporting athletes before they are famous is the key.

sports = cricket = money for most of them

Anil Singh said...

but his father never mentioned that !?

RS said...

a bisht - do you mean bcci or mittal trust? His father only mentioned the govt and their sacrifices from what I saw on one channel :)

Anil Singh said...

I was referring to the contribution of the Mittal trust. His father didn't bother to acknowledge Mittal trust's contribution. This is not good

Anil Singh said...

I came to know about the Mittal trust thing from you.

RS said...

a bisht: not sure how much they fund each individual, but it is on their website as well as some other reports. The parents missed out some key points and made him the most eligible bachelor :)

"Bindra has also been helped a great deal over the last two years by the Mittal
Champions Trust. "

Preeti Parthasarathy said...

Check this out:

The point here is to note the valuable training Abhinav received in Germany being crucial to his victory. With the Indian diaspora spread far and wide across the world, hosting and supporting such athletes while they stay abroad is easily achievable. My conversation with Manisha Malhotra of Mittal Champion's Trust this June (when I was in India visiting from the California Bay area) went off very well. She said that some of their athletes train in my neck of the woods and I hope to go cheer them/take them out once they head back here from training. Stanford which has produced some of Team USA's best athletes is less than 10 miles from where I (and several thousand Indian families) live. WE CAN HELP!!!

RS said...

I think it is important they get identified at a young age and then supported throughout their careers rather than a reward frenzy - Even TN govt is rewarding him now - no idea why :)

I don't want the other athletes to miss out on the recognition... From what I have watched a lot of them have great talent. Bindra himself says it nicely.