Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boxing questions

Contrary to my own expectations, I have been watching boxing. Whether it was Dinesh Kumar and Lakra bowing out or Akhil Kumar beating the world champion yesterday, I have been watching the bouts. However it still very much a passing curiosity, more to support the Indian squad (how about 2 medals?) rather than actually liking the event.

But as I watch the bout, I am left wondering at what time in your life do you decide that you like being punched and take up boxing? Wouldn't your natural instincts make you run, kick, shout, throw chilli powder instead of sparring?

Again, I was surprised when someone actually threw in the towel. I just thought it was an phrase that was relevant in an archaic context. Since someone else from the boxer's corner is throwing in the towel, can the boxer "un-throw" the towel if he wants to continue. Or if he wants to end the fight and his team is not letting him, does he have to find a towel to throw it in? Isn't throwing in the towel, an un-spirited option in any event?

Why do they wear only blue or red?
How many judges are there? And how are points scored? I know which jabs count, but is there a majority scoring system?
Is running around the ring a valid strategy?

Oh well, there are two bouts today. Good luck to Jitender and Vijender Kumar and for Akhil Kumar on the 18th.


Anonymous said...

If you read the biographies of the American boxers, they opted for boxing to escape from the neighborhood.

However, I find an Indian's motivation unfathomable.

Lets hope other readers throw some light.

RS said...

thanks ottayan, maybe it is a way out for the Indians as well (for a better life?).

Unknown said...


Not a great fan of boxing myself, three of our guys making it to the quarters has certainly kindled enough interest to do some research and understand the game.

On the scoring system: There are five ringside judges and each has a computer scoring button to press for each boxer, and three of the five must hit their button within one second of each other for the point to register.

On the Blue & Red color: Guess it needs to be one of the two - depending upon which corner of the boxing ring you are assigned - the Blue or Red corner.

On our medal prospects: They have done well to reach here and all 3 are just a bout away to be assured of one. I especially liked Akil and Vijendar's attitude (Jitendar did not look as convincing though). Eitherways, if they could come with a medal winning performance, I am sure that will bring more takers/followers for the game. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!

RS said...

Thanks for the info. Good luck to the boxers. Will be watching them as well to make this a multiple medal Olympics for India.

Anonymous said...

Those were fun questions! LOL!
Amazing how medal prospects can induce interest in the 'vaguest' of sports. And kudos to the SAI for developing them out of nowhere. Now all that is reqd is a diving contender and our cup of joy brimmeth over.

RS said...

ks: that's what happens when you watch a sport just to support your country - the oddest of questions pop-up :)

Anil Singh said...

Good post RS. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

@ Brinda

I clicked the comment button, to answer the questions RS raised; but the way you answered them, made my intention redundant. If you hadn't had answered the queries, I couldn't have managed to write that well.

Anil Singh said...

RS, unlike you I like boxing and for me watching the sport is more than a patriotic activity:)