Monday, December 22, 2008

IPL trading

The trading is now open for about a month and there is no salary cap restrictions for trading - I think this really throws the notion of salary cap out of the window.

However since this is a league in its nascent stage, the trading won't be as interesting as say an NBA - I would love to see a 3 player trade between 3 teams but that is unlikely.... Already there are rumours that Gibbs, Afridi and Akhtar are up for trade. Gibbs/Afridi was bound to happen, they are too much in the same mould... So now you wonder who will pick them up and at what price? And a team that picks up Akhtar will need to take the risk of his fitness and form.

I think DD needs bowlers while McGrath has agreed to return for one year, Asif is in doubt so that leaves a small question there of opening bowlers. Similarly Pollock not returning means that MI need a strike bowler as well. So the Feb. auction should be a good place for bowlers that were unsigned as yet.

For CSK, I would like to them to pick up an Indian bowler since the dynamics of the 4 foreign players means you need atleast 2 good Indian bowlers (How did Balaji and Gony perform in the Ranji season?). Also given Hayden's form and the difficulty CSK had with the other opening slot, I think they need to sign Murali Vijay or some other opening batsman.

So who do you think will be traded? Who would you like to see in your team? Who will Mallya trade?

edited: Barely 30 mins after typing this, I see a news report that Mallya has put the entire team up for trade excluding Dravid who he is unable to remove due to the iconic status. Let the tamasha begin :)


Anonymous said...

Mallya is trying to sell the franchise. The case of all the Pakistani players now hinge on whether they will be allowed to play by the government and hence all of them are likely to be in the auction even though it is quite short-sighted or there are some loopholes in the contract which they want to get rid of.

Balaji did quite well in the Ranji's, so he should be fine. CSK needs at least two quality bowlers... Morkel does not cut it as a bowler. Everyone is booked in some way... they could try and get the saffer Charles Langveldt and rope in Dimitri too.

Anonymous said...

scorpi: interesting what Mallya is upto - not just here but in F1 as well. I read somewhere that CSK might go for Flintoff..

Anonymous said...

The problem with CSK is that they hire high profile names like Haydos, Hussey that are not likely to be through a significant or the entire part of the tournament... Flintoff also falls in that category and is of no use, considering the high price tag they have to pay.

I prefer if they look out further out-of-the-box and hire from New Zealanders like Southee or some of the smaller cricketing nations like Zimbabwe/Bangladesh where there are some interesting fast bowlers.

Fast bowlers are the real void they have.