Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekend sporting action

Wow, what a weekend in store...

Wimbledon: Federer vs Nadal
After Federer's dismal performance in the French open final, I am hoping he comes back with a record breaking effort. He has looked impressive in the past two weeks. As Nadal has closed the gap on grass over the last couple of years - it promises to be a thriller. I am rooting for Roger - who are you supporting?

Asia Cup: How will Mendis fare, will India win or will they choke?

F1 British Grand-prix: A Raikkonen win?

Tour de france: kicks off on Saturday, it will be a good time to get caught up on the teams and riders.

That is the order that I will watch them... And the minute I see "desh badla, pesh badalo", and Madhavan-Vidya, you will find me switching channels instantly.


Anonymous said...

yes nice weekand but cricket politics are not happy with this.

I saw some news stating that SL lost intentionally so that Pak be out of final. Hope they too forget enjoy it.

While on tennis it is always glamour

RS said...

There does not appear to be a logical reason for that (SL losing intentionally) so I would like to think it is speculation.