Friday, July 4, 2008

Indian archery team for the Olympics

Continuing the series on Olympic hopefuls for India, it is apt that I feature the women's archery prospects. From the land of the "peerless archer" Arjuna, I think we should have strong contenders? Imagine if Draupadi had been a gifted archer, would mythology be different?


Did you know that there is a Tata Archery Academy?
Did you know that one of the prospects is a cousin of the singer Shaan? (I would have thought this could have got them more publicity?)

The men have done very well, winning a world cup gold (Frankly I am not aware of the competition or the rules, but winning a world cup gold seems impressive). But it looks like they did not qualify for the Olympics. Maybe they are following the Indian cricket team's past form - lots of potential but not enough results?


Viswanathan said...

It proves what I always suspected. Women are past masters in hitting the bulls eye with 'pointed barbs'(comments). :(

RS said...

I will have to think twice before posting comments :-)

Viswanathan said...

Now, now, now, I was joking.:)

RS said...