Thursday, March 25, 2010

From a Mongoose

Dear Matthew,

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a bat has been inspired by me. Just look at this, isn't the connection between a bat and me immediately obvious!

However my fraternity have felt left down. After so much hype, they don't understand why you are choosing us after 6.8 minutes in every innings. It seems distracting, halting the momentum and you are not doing our reputation any good by getting out soon after that. So for the future of all mongoose, please select a bat at the start and stick to it.

Also, the intelligent and cynical among us want to know why, if you were the leading run scorer in the IPL last year with a fantastic run rate and average, a large & strong man, doing very well with the conventional bat, why would you want to change it? You don't get 8 runs for a longer six do you?

The kind hearted among us, have felt empathy for the bowlers and have started a research fund for pig ball. Pig ball is to a ball what mongoose is to a bat. The ball will travel faster from the bowler's arm and if you look at it creatively you will see a pig in it.

Please also settle this question between us: when there are several of us around are we mongooses or mongeese?

Also while you are at it, please check if there are more than 1411 of us left?

(from a concerned and friendly neighborhood mongoose)


straight point said...

dear mongoose

while you are right that i was highest scorer in last version of ipl with normal bat but i think $incerely you $eems to have mi$$ed the point why i $elected it...

i hope this explain$...

- signed


rs said...

SP: $ $ everywhere:)

Buy don't get why not start with it itself. The tamasha of bringing out the bat is crazy!

straight point said...

this way hayden ensures that fans and commentators talk about mongoose more... hence free publicity... which will not be that much if he comes with it from the start... :)

rs said...

Yes, it almost seems like he has signed up to use it/talk about it "n" number of times.

Anonymous said...

Good post!