Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wimbledon :match fixing?

Just reading about this news makes me so sad. Can there be no sport/no event untouched by doping & match-fixing scandals? Tennis stars who qualify for the Wimbledon, must be decently paid, why should so many sportsmen throw matches?

This post is about the measures that sports authorities are taking. I am all for harsh penalties and life-bans. But most sports authorities practice double standards - Azharuddin has been banned but is invited to an event to "honour" the 1983 World Cup winning team. I used to be a huge Azhar fan, but there are no two ways about this - he was found guilty and therefore does not warrant any further recognition (unless he is proven innocent).

The measure I find most odd is the locker room ban (tennis is also restricting it to players and coaches). I don't think Shah Rukh should be in the dug-out/dressing room not because it gives an opportunity to corrupt players but simply because it should belong to the players. If the match-fixing was happening in the locker room, why can't you have a hidden camera and a sting operation? Are they serious that the first time a player is broached is in the locker room? Can't they very well contact them well before a match and outside the premises? What is the logic behind restricting the locker room access?


Viswanathan said...

The report itself suggested that it is not the top stars who fix matches. It is those unable to meet the day to day expenses who do.(Tennis is an expensive game)

RS said...

ottayan: I understand - I not expecting the top 5-10 seeds to be in this...But if you are a struggling player and not expected to get far, what benefit will it have to the bookies to throwing your match? You were most likely going to lose the match anyway.

I think there has to be some mid-ranked players. And possibly greed is the motive more than expenses.