Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ambidextrous Kevin Pietersen

First of all, hats off to KP for his switch-hitting. I cannot even write legibly with my left hand, so I look at his skill in amazement. Innovations like these are exciting and spikes viewer interest.

I understand that this poses some questions on rules. To even it out for the bowlers why not allow the bowlers to switch hands they bowl? Why not change the wide rule so that if someone switch-hits, the wide is beyond the white line on both sides. Expand the lbw rule, so that the switch hitter can be given out if the ball is likely to hit his stumps regardless of whether it pitches outside leg or off stump?

Rather than making this an illegal shot, I would hope that ICC expands its rules to allow this (so that only the highly skilled and risk taking players will attempt this)... What do you think?


Viswanathan said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Are you the IPLo8 or one of its contributors?

I have no objection to Pietersen or any other batsmen trying out new shots, however, the bowlers should also be given a leeway where they can bowl left arm or as the case maybe.

RS said...

I am ipl08 :-) (I think the url is selected based on what I am logged on at that point). BTW, I visit your blog often whether I post comments or not.

Viswanathan said...

Sure appreciate your interest.

So whats happening at IPL08 blog?

RS said...

Wait for ipl09? The title was also short-sighted - should have checked for iplT20...(feels odd to post anything other than IPL 2008 stuff out there). Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

You can rename your blog.:)

If I remember correctly you seem to have blogged about the IPL only at the climax.

Why the delay?

RS said...

First time blogger - so timing was a coincidence. I had not intended to follow the IPL so much - but it kept my interest and somewhere in the middle I decided to give blogging a try :-)

I did not know you could rename a blog easily... thx.

Viswanathan said...

Glad to be of help.