Thursday, May 14, 2009

Astro tips

There is one team that needs the most help this year - KKR (what with the allegations of racism, match-fixing investigation, multiple captain-coach theory for a solitary D/L win etc.) So pooling my knowledge (albeit non-existent) of numerology, palmistry (predicting by reading my palm for KKR -- a novel concept that should go well with the team with many theories), factoring in saturn in the horoscope, I have some recommendations for KKR.

Switch the gold and black around, so that it is predominantly gold with black on one shoulder and one sleeve (black for "nazar" effect). This will tend to blind opponents as well.

Douse out the fire on the helmet? Bat on fire I can perhaps understand, but helmet on fire? Can't be good feng-shui. seriously what does it mean?

Change the brooding SRK image on the website with the helmet on fire (just because...)

Instead of covering up the numbers on the back of jerseys with ugly tape, go to the reebok store and buy some plain ones. Note that even if you cover it up, the number is still there close to your back working its evil magic.

KKR has too few words to leverage the 'K' concept of Balaji telefilms. So add a few words. Kyunki KKR be ...


scorpicity said...

So the KKR bug has got you? Same here if so, am tired of the antics of this franchise owner.

rs said...

They are the RCB of last year where the off field drama was more than the on field fun.